Pension funds should make investment strategies more sustainable

72% of pension fund members in Switzerland are of the opinion that their pension fund should also take financially-relevant ESG aspects into account when making investments. Here too, analysis of the various regions of the country and income groups shows a differentiated picture. 78% of insured persons in German-speaking Switzerland expressly stated that greater emphasis should be paid to ESG criteria when investing assets. This was the largest proportion. In French-speaking Switzerland this was supported by 65% of respondents. In Italian-speaking Switzerland, by contrast, only a minority of 39% expressed their support for this.

It is important to note, however, that the proportion of those who relatively or strongly oppose taking ESG factors into account is distributed roughly equally throughout Switzerland, and accounts for only a very small percentage (German-speaking Switzerland: 5%, French-speaking: 6%, Italian-speaking: 6%). This means that while the level of approval for ESG factors is lower in Italian-speaking Switzerland, actual opposition is at broadly the same low level throughout Switzerland. In Italian-speaking Switzerland, however, there are significantly more people who are neither for, nor against taking account of ESG factors in conjunction with the investment process, and an even larger proportion who do not express any opinion on the matter. It is therefore possible to say that untapped communication potential exists here.

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From an income group perspective, the disparity is not so striking. 59% of population groups with an income of less than CHF 4,000.00 per month expressed the view that pension funds should take sustainable investments into account. This was less marked than amongst higher income groups.

72% of population groups with a monthly income of over CHF 7,000.00 agreed that pension funds should also take financially-relevant ESG aspects into account when making investment decisions.

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