Sustainability Investing leads to better informed Investment decisions.

Persons insured with pension funds in Switzerland call for sustainable investment strategies

Sustainability is the most important challenge of our age. Megatrends associated with sustainability are changing our world – and are having measurable effects on corporate sales and earnings. Long-term challenges such as scarcity of resources, demographic shifts and climate change are redefining social expectations, the political discourse, regulatory operating conditions and consequently the business environment as well as investment returns. Such challenges create new opportunities and risks which today’s companies will have to tackle if they are to remain successful tomorrow. Those companies that exploit these challenges successfully and to their own advantage will probably also outperform their competitors in future.

RobecoSAM is firmly convinced that the integration of sustainability criteria in traditional financial analysis generates additional insights into the management quality and the value adding potential of companies. This then enables us to identify better investment opportunities that can create long-term value for our clients. In short: a focus on sustainability facilitates investment decisions on the basis of improved information.

As the leading expert for sustainable financial investments, we are quick to recognise the opportunities & risks of long-term trends. Our vision is to continue developing sustainability investing and to set new standards. We use the central role of financial markets to promote sustainable business practices. Thanks to our focus on sustainability investing, we offer investors and companies a unique and comprehensive range of financial products and services.

Over 2,000 pension funds in Switzerland manage assets totalling around CHF 600 billion. As institutional investors they exert considerable influence on capital markets, and their opinions carry weight.

For this reason RobecoSAM asked pension fund members in Switzerland whether they are interested in their pension fund’s investment strategy, and whether they want their pension fund to pursue sustainable investment strategies1. In addition, between May and June 2014 over 1,200 pension fund members from all Swiss language regions were surveyed by the market research institution gfs-zürich within the framework of a representative study. The questions posed in this conjunction were as follows:

  • What expectations do insured persons have of their pension fund?
  • What attitudes do insured persons have towards financially-relevant ESG factors associated with the investment process of their pension fund?
  • If account is taken of ESG factors during the investment process, what are the consequences anticipated by the Swiss population?
  • Which sustainability aspects are particularly important to the Swiss population?
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1 In general terms, RobecoSAM understands sustainable investment strategies to mean all investments that systematically take account of financially relevant aspects in the environmental, social and governance fields (hence the acronym ESG) in conjunction with the investment process. ESG criteria describe, for example, the ability of a company to boost its resources efficiency, to safeguard health and safety at the workplace, or to operate risk and crisis management.
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